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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

General Questions

Q Can I use the Powerball in both hands?
Q How to attach the wrist strap to your Powerball
Q Which is the fastest Powerball?
Q The grip band comes off the ball when I am spinning really fast.
Q The lights don’t work anymore
Q The motor is dead
Q There is up/down play in the rotor
Q Am I too young to use this product?
Q I've lost the starting cord - what now?
Q Starting the 250Hz Autostart Powerball
Q The counter display is blank

Powerball Maintenence

Q How do I open the Powerball?
Q I have oiled my Powerball...
Q The ball is making a knocking noise during operation.
Q The unit makes a grinding noise as the rotor spins.
Q My cord is stuck in the ball
Q How do I replace the battery in the counter?

Powerball Technique

Q Switching rotor direction during a session.
Q Why is it necessary to hold the ball firmly while it is spinning?
Q I can no longer reach those high speeds.
Q My Powerball won’t spin past 5000rpm.
Q I manage to reach about 2000rpm and then the rotor just dies, what's wrong?
Q The unit vibrates during operation
Q The counter stays at Zero while the rotor is spinning

Shopping with us

Q How can I send my defective Powerball to you?
Q My order is late.